Tobit ClipInc

Tobit ClipInc Lite

Listen to and record online radio


  • Hundreds of radio stations to choose from
  • Records directly to MP3
  • Nice interface


  • Requires a lot of space
  • Not as intuitive as it seems

Very good

When it comes to listening to online radio stations streaming on the Web, you have a wide choice of software tools.

Tobit ClipInc has just joined the list with a full-featured application that not only lets you tune in to hundreds of online radio stations worldwide, but also record them as MP3 files directly onto your hard drive. You can create a list with your favorite radio stations and have the program automatically record them for you. Of course, this means that the program requires quite a large portion of disk space – at least 10 GB, according to installation.

Tobit ClipInc makes use of a well-designed interface, with 3D effects and even a Coverflow-like browsing system. Unfortunately it wasn't as easy to use as expected, and setting up a playlist with different radio stations to be recorded can take you a while. On the upside, Tobit ClipInc includes hundreds of radio stations in many different languages and music styles, so you'll surely find something you like.

Tobit ClipInc is an elegant, powerful online radio player that also enables you to record streaming music to local MP3 files.

Tobit ClipInc supports the following formats

MP3, WMA, AAC, AACplus

Tobit ClipInc


Tobit ClipInc Lite

User reviews about Tobit ClipInc

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